Life is good with Sneha: Tamil star Prasanna



Ever because a teaser was published in the media that Prasanna and also Sneha had actually parted means, the smart phones of the star couple were buzzing non-stop, as many took it in undeviating sense.
In fact, that belonged to an ad set planned for a mobile showroom chain, to promote its 'Aadi' sale. "I would certainly want to shed light on to all those enjoy us that Sneha as well as I are leading a thrilled life," points out Prasanna.
"Life is lovely after Sneha's entrance. She is looking after anything. She awakens early in the morning, carries out poojas, cooks excellent meals and also leaves for service. Once again she takes care of all home work in the night time," the actor includes.

He says further: "Sneha has actually become so close to my mother thanks to her clearness as well as humbleness. We are a delighted couple till this minute as well as will certainly consistently continue to be."


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