Fisher saved Sneha from drenching inside sea on Haridoss shoot

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Sneha's life was rescued by a fisher during a shooting for the movie Haridoss. Sneha, the grinning beauty acquired wed recently with Prasanna.

Sneha shall drown in the sea at Rameshwaram when the watercraft overturned.

Luckily, the fisherman conserved her life as well as the complete crew which traveled in the watercraft. Each person got to the ocean coast safely later on.

Sneha was in shooting with Kishore for the film Haridoss at Dhanushkodi in Rameshwaram.

The movie is being routed by Kumaravelu. The Cinematography is done by Haridoss amid the technical crew.

The director Kumaravelu pointed out that Sneha was in actual shock for this calamity.


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