Soundarya fully concentration on making the audio launch of ‘Goa’


It’s a usual practice for Superstar’s daughter dear, Soundarya to visit Australia every year to learn new animation techniques. This year the girl has gone one a trip to America in addition, and has brought home extra updates. Soundarya’s close ones say that she keeps herself updated in spite of any tight schedule.

Though Soundarya had to face a lot of last minute tensions for her yet-to-be-released ‘Goa’ directed by Venkat Prabhu, the girl seems to be as bold as a rock in handling things. Birdies say that Soundarya has moved on to the next stage and is fully concentration on making the audio launch of ‘Goa’ a grand event. The young producer is inviting her daddy Rajinikanth as the chief guest. When Soundarya has plans of calling deputy CM. Stalin for the function, her dad advised her not to disturb him as he is busy doing a lot of works of the CM as well. So, the next obvious call was to her dad’s dear friend Kamal Uncle, said the sources.

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