Sneha's Goa is turning out to be a real musical treat


Venkat Prabhu’s holiday- ‘Goa’ is turning out to be a real musical treat, we say!

The album has 9 songs in it and each track is unique in its own way. The junior Maestro has brought back the combo of his Daddy dear with S P Balasubramaniam. Its been long time since we have heard them both lending their magnetic voices.

Then we have a pathos that will be a revival of typical Illayarja’s style and is sung by him as well. Same way, there will be a kind of pathos number from Yuvan’s unique voice. After that we have the family song from the Maestro’s family and that’s the film’s intro song too. The song has the voices of Bhavadharani, Karthik Raja,Venkat Prabhu, Premji and Yuvan together and is geared up to give the thump to the movie. There will be a club-remix of ‘Goa’ in addition to all the above.

So, people get ready to enjoy Yuvan’s holiday delight!


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