Sneha's Bhavani IPS is slotted for Pongal release


When she’s not stopping shows, she’s stopping heartbeats. And that’s what she did when she bagged the role of Sneha action heroinein Sneha Bhavani IPS. She’s now eagerly looking forward to the release of the film that is slotted for Pongal.
“I’m eager to see how the movie has shaped up. The producer and director told me that they are very happy with my performance and that I have done justice to the role, but I’m eager to see myself in the role that is so different from what I am or have done before,” says Sneha.

Known for her charming smile and soft-natured roles that she has played in the past, she says that the role was a challenge and all credit goes to her trainers. “It involved hard work and dedication. I had to attend a few karate classes to help me get a feel of things. But most of it was on the sets. All credit goes to my trainer who gave me the tough look,” she says.

And if playing a tough woman wasn’t enough, the lady says she got attached to the role. “At the end of the shooting schedule, I was sad because I didn’t want to remove the kakhis. I got so attached to the uniform because every time I wore it, I felt like I was in command of everything. It made me feel invincible; I like the feeling of being in power,” she says.

Sneha is also looking forward to her second Pongal release -Goa.

When it comes to dressing up, the lady likes to leave everything to imagination. “I love to dress up and feel like a diva. I like trendy clothes, but most importantly, I want to feel comfortable in what I wear. And yes, I love belts, I have a huge collection of belts,” she says.


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